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These miniature bead embroideries are made with tiny vintage Italian glass seed beads, known as "sand beads". See the Gallery for more beadwork & jewelry.


Transports of Love

Two beetles are locked together,
a gleaming orb on our dirt road.
Even my elderly dog sees them
and steps aside. The female arches
her antennae over her head, stroking
the male’s shell as he clings to her back.
Do not supply me with facts
of entomological reproduction;
I am uplifted by what I believe
to be a gesture of beetle affection.

Under a circle of trees
where the neighborhood kids
hang out, vestiges of last night’s
party: cigarette butts, candy wrappers,
a one-eyed jack and the two of hearts.
I pick up the two of hearts,
carry it back to my love-beetles
and slip it beneath them,
leaving them to spark what they will
on this magic carpet in the dust.


 *originally published in the Harwood Anthology of New Mexico poets, edited by Susan McAllister and Becky Holtzman. Click Links for more info, and Poems (turquoise menu bar at the top of the page) for a few more published pieces.